Reset Your Email with Outlook Support Phone Number to Fix This Error Outlook.

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Reset Your Email with Outlook Support Phone Number to Fix This Error Outlook.

Solution: If the printer is showing error code 69.x then you need to turn off the printer and wait for 05 minutes. Then turn on your Outlook. It will reset the software configuration and power settings and will fix the error. If the problem doesn’t solve, then feel free to use Outlook Customer Support Phone Number.

WINDOWS SENDING Outlook Tech Support Number

Reason: Windows selecting a default printer by itself could be the reason behind this error.

Solution:  You need to go to the Devices and Outlook section and then find out Printer and Faxes. Thereafter choose Set As Outlook option. Restart the computer and printer. If you are not being able to solve the issue, contact Outlook Customer Care.


Reason: Ghosting is that problem in which images print properly but a much lighter copy of the image also prints somewhere else. This problem could be generated due to power outlet that is supplying power to the printer.

Solution: First of all check out the power outlet by plugging it into the different printer. After that, check out if the printer is giving the same results or not. By changing the power outlets, issue could be solved but if you get the same result then you can contact Outlook Customer Support Number.


Reason: If your  Outlook Tech Support Phone Number

is showing Error Code 12, it means the Outlook is open or there is no cartridge in the printer.

Solution: You need to close the top cover of your Outlook properly and also verify that the holder switch is fixed up strongly. Maybe after this your problem will sort out. If it is not solved then check out.


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